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Individualized Medicine: Pharmacogenetic Assessment & Clinical Treatment (IMPACT) is a research study conducted by the Psychiatric Neurogenetics Research section at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), which uses genetic testing to determine specific enzymes and genes related to medication action.

Using genetics testing, IMPACT will identify genetic variants that influence psychiatric drug response and adverse side effects. We study individuals taking psychotropic medications and hope to improve healthcare for individuals on psychiatric drugs through genetic testing (known as pharmacogenetics)

How will this make a Difference?

The goal of this research study is to achieve more effective therapies by incorporating genetic information. The information from the IMPACT study will be used to increase the knowledge of how DNA affects response to, and side effects from, some psychiatric medications. Findings from this study may therefore benefit future persons with an increased risk of side effects from psychiatric medications, and may help to find new treatments for mental illness. In the future, we see physicians tailoring medication treatments based on patients’ individual genotype.

How can I get Started?

  1. Consult your Physician to be referred to the IMPACT research study.
  2. Download and print our IMPACT Referral Form.
  3. Have your Family Physician complete and send via fax or e-mail.

We will then contact you to arrange for further information.

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